stefan hoffmann leeuwarden




Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018, Nl

screen printing on the glass fassade of the ZAAILAND shopping mall
part of the year long vertical screen printing
relay 'windowlicker'

stefan hoffmann marta herford




Marta Herford, Museum für Kunst, Architektur, Design

window printing, second part of the project specially designed for the visually impaired. Follow up of the contribution for the exhibition 'Revolution in Rotgelbblau – Gerrit Rietveld und die zeitgenössische Kunst'




Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

window printing, project for the Erasmus School of Law in the newly created glass meeting rooms after the renovation of the Sanders Building. Based on emblems of 16th century jurist Andrea Alciato

goethe institut niederlande




Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Netherlands

screen printing on paper
first presentation op the series 'Forward'