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I use screen printing to create site-specific projects which recontextualize information graphics. My projects create perturbations in the way we perceive our visual environment. When I work I profoundly engage myself in the architectural situation and the specific context I encounter. The result is my visual answer to this situation. It emerges gradually, starting with re-appropriating existing graphic material from around the area. As the project develops I also incorporate additional imagery formally and conceptually related, coming from a wide and increasing personal archive.The project is executed step by step, printing and painting directly on walls and windows. The whole process generally takes several weeks and can be entirely followed by the public. Almost all my projects are temporary, they disappear after the exhibition.


instructional video  

5 min.
instructional video
and technical guide explaining off-the-grid screen exposure with vacuum bags.


instructional video  

4 min.
instructional video
and technical guide
explaining in simple steps how to set up a basic workstation and apply the screenprinting technique vertically on windows.





13 min.
video documentation
'ENVAHISSEMENT' collective vertical screen printing project with students from the BFA studio arts program at UQAM University, Montreal.

realized during winter session 2020 as guest professor 'pratique singlière' at EAVM, department of visual and media artsat UQAM

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