1987-89 B.A.: ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem (Netherlands)
1989-91 M.A.: Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (Netherlands)
1991 M.A. exchange program , Université du Québec à Montréal (UQaM)(Canada)


01/02-2020 One of a kind, window printing, L'imprimerie centre d'artistes, Montréal (CA)
01/05-2018 Animal Rationale, Sanders Building, window printing, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
04/05-2017 OneOneway, artist books and paper scrolls, Bibliotheque Salle Partimoniale, Saint-Omer (FR)
03/04-2017 Le deuxième jour, École de Beaux Arts, Saint-Omer (FR)
02/03-2017 Deux Temps, Deux mésures, Musée de l'Hotel de Sandelin, Saint-Omer, France
03/04-2016 Every Year More, window printing, Western Academy of Beijing, Beijing, China
07/10-2015 GLYCERINE and ROSE WATER, window printing Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh PA (US)
01/05-2015 Teaser, window printing, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
07/08-2014 fly away fly, wall printing, RCC in collaboration with Artists Image Resource, Pittsburgh PA, (USA)
06/07-2014 Une fois pour toutes, wall/window printing, Centre d'Art Contemporain Engramme, Quebec city (CA)
03/05-2014 DO NOT RUSH, window printing, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (JP)
02/05-2014 Patience, wall printing, KUNSTHAL Rotterdam (NL)
04/05-2013 DO NOT CLIMB, wallprinting, AM ART SPACE, Shanghai, (CN)
07/08-2012 Rankin, wallprinting, Rankin Christian Center, collaboration with Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh,(USA)
11/12-2011 ALL SYSTEMS NORMAL (2), FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal (CA)
10/12-2011 ALL SYSTEMS NORMAL (1), wallprinting, ARPRIM, Belgo Building, Montreal (CA)
07/09-2011 FALLING, windowprinting, DOK Kunst, Delft (NL)
02/03-2011 DO NOT ENTER, wallprinting, Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham NC (USA)
01/02-2011 offices, wallprinting, work on paper, CODARTS University for the arts, Rotterdam
10/11-2010 brand-new (3), window/wallprinting, 401 Building, OPEN STUDIO,  Toronto (CA)
10/11-2010 brand-new (2), wallprinting, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art(MOCCA), Toronto
10/11-2010 brand-new (1), windowprinting, part of ‘For now’  The Drake Hotel, Toronto (CA)
06/08-2010 smile!, windowprinting, Phoenix, Brighton UK
11/12-2009 American meter, windowprinting, Artist Image Resource, Pittsburgh PA, USA
07/08-2009 Tabula rasa, windowprinting, Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig (DE)
05/12-2009 Displacement activity (2), wallprinting, AIR, Pittsburgh PA (USA)
05/06-2009 Displacement activity (1), wallprinting, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh PA (USA)
03/04-2009 Wechselwirkungen, window/wallprinting, Inkijk, Amsterdam (NL)
10/11-2008 De soetheydt van de kerle, DOK KUNST, Delft (NL)
07/08-2008 Spiel mit dem Feuer, , projectspace geh8, Dresden (DE)
04/05-2008 Onbevoegden Only, Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), Rotterdam (NL)
04-2008 The horn of plenty, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam (NL)
01/02-2008 le beurre, l'argent du beurre et baiser la crémière, doppelde, Dresden (DE)
11/12-2007 Einbläuen, window printing, vitrine sutstein, Berlin (G)
11/12-2007 locus01, Kettensäge und Toilettensex, windowprinting,7.Stock, Dresden (DE)
10-2007 New Patterns, a3 papers as give away at 7.Stock, with Pierre-Olivier Arnaud
07-2007 Changing Places, windowprinting, St. Franciscus Hospital, Rotterdam (NL)
04/05-2007 Das Auge der Zeit, window printing, Rotterdam Art Center (CBK) (NL)
03/09-2007 Schöner Schaum, window printing, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)



08/09-2018 De tiid haldt gjin skoft, window printing, windowlicker project, Leeuwarden cultural capital of Europe (NL)
2017-2018 DIN18040, MARTa, Museum for Art, Architecture, Design, expo 'revolution in red-yellow-blue', Herford (DE)
11/12-2016 windowlicker, window printing, collaboration with cowboy killers, popfabryk, Leeuwarden (NL)
11-2016 prints on paper, highlights from print collection Leiden University, Ars Aemula Naturae, Leiden (NL)
10/11-2016 printing on glass plate filing cabinet with print on paper, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht (NL)
11/12-2015 rabenschwarz, window printing, part of 'strange children' Wolkenbank at Matière Noire, Berlin (DE)
11/12-2014 Please stay between the lines, Pulchri Studio, part of PulchriGrafiek14 Biennial , The Hague (NL)
11/12-2013 Cocagne!, window printing, La Plate-Forme, part of 'Les Grands Magasins', Dunkerque (FR)
10/12-2013 One One Way, wall printing, work on paper, Artists Image Resource, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
09/11-2013 Danse Macabre, wall printing, IMAGO, University of Moncton, part of 'JÈ'ST 2013 Biennial', Moncton (CA)
09/11-2013 Take a Duvet Day, window printing, IMAGO, Moncton University, part of 'JÈ'ST 2013 Biennial', Moncton (CA)
08/09-2013 Aquarius, window printing, Claremont Studio's, part of 'Ici et La', Hastings (UK)
05/06-2013 TIPPING HAZARD, wall printing, Zygote Press , part of 'House Broken, Cleveland (OH) (US)
10/12-2012 Comfort, windowprinting, Vrije Academie GEMAK , part of 'OPERANDI', The Hague (NL)
08/09-2012 NU, wall/windowprinting, AGA i.c.w. CBK Amsterdam, part of 'boundless', Amsterdam (NL)
06/07-2012 Wenn ein Haus brennt, window-/wallprinting, part of 'alles grafisch' Center for the Arts Utrecht (NL)
11/12-2011 TE HUUR, windowprinting, part of 'onderzoekt', id11, Delft (NL)
05/06-2011 Graphos Biennale 2011, Museum Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch (NL)
11/12-2010 WOW, Frank Taal Gallery, part of 'the city=graphic', Rotterdam (NL)
10/11-2010 mixedfit, windowprinting, Koffler Art Center, Toronto (CA)
09/10-2010 analog2.0, Grafische Werkplaats, The Hague (NL)
06/08-2010 Hot Plate, Phoenix, Brighton, (UK)
02/03-2010 2009 resident artist exhibition, work op paper, AIR, Pittsburgh PA, (USA)
01-2010 horn of plenty, wall/windowprinting, Proofdruk, Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag, NL
07/08-2009 wall/windowprinting,part of 'gedrukt in Rotterdam', De twee Wezen, Enkhuizen (NL)
05-2009 America available, windowprinting, ‘printmaking as installation',KSU, Kent OH (USA)
03/04-2009 Quiz evadet, part of 'drukwerk buiten de marge', pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
11/12-2008 Back to the future, CBK, Center Contemporary Art Arnherm (NL)
09-2008 Ostrale ’08, international group show at the Ostragehege, Dresden(DE)
08-2008 Gloria F6, printing project for group show at Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE)
04/05-2008 Grenzen in de Gafiek, new practices in grafic art, VOG/Corrosia, Almere (NL)


2019/2020 guest professor 'outstanding practice', UQAM University, Montréal (CA)
2017 residence mission CLEA, CAPSO, Saint-Omer (FR)
2016 Red Gate Gallery and Western Academy of Beijing, resident artist, Beijing (CH)
2014 resident artist and workshop, Engramme, Center for Prinmaking, Quebec city (CA)
2014 3331 Arts Chiyoda, international resident artist, Tokyo (JP)

2013 resident artist, Zygote Press, Cleveland OH, (USA)
2013 Kent State University, Print Blossom Visiting Artist
2012 vertical screen printing workshop at Amsterdam Graphic Workshop AGA, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 resident artist, Artist Image Resource, Pittsburgh PA, (USA)
2012 visiting artist at UQAM University, Montreal (CA)
2011 vertical screenprinting workshop, Atelier Graff, Montreal (CA)
2011 visiting artist at Concordia University, Montreal (CA)
2011 visiting artist at DUKE University, Durham NC, USA
2010 vertical screenprinting workshop, Vrije Academie, The Hague (NL)
2010 masterclass vertical screenprinting, Willem de Koning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)
2009 visiting artist at Kent State University, Kent OH, USA
2008 workshop screenprinting, Summer Academy Dresden, (DE)



2016 Mondriaan Foundation, project grant
2016 Stokroos Foundation, project grant
2013 Mondriaan Foundation, project grant
2012 Stokroos Foundation, project grant
2012 Center for Visual Art Rotterdam, research grant


2016 For Study and Delight, Drawings and Prints from Leiden University Collection, Leiden, NL
printmaking, a complete guide to materials and process, publisher Laurence King, 2nd edition, featured artist
2013 Low Tech, handmade printmaking techniques in art and design, publisher Laurence King,(GB), featured artist
2012 onderZOEKT, id11 (NL), catalogue
2012 The Belgo Report Book, Exhibition highlights 2008-2011 (CA), catalogue
2011 Mid American Print Council Journal (USA), article